Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nine West Footwear From $49.99 Up!

Hi hello how is me! Yes.. I am back with my sale posts! I have been MIA for I think a year because of all these things that happened in my life last year so I have to put all of my cyber activities on hold but.. here I am! posting some sale stuff again and I will be posting this sale from Nine West Canada because I LOVE NINE WEST! I got two of my wedding shoes (I had three.. I know I know that's too much but its my wedding so shhhurshh) from nine west and I love them! We all know that their shoes are quite pricey for a low-income earner like me so if I have to chance to buy them in a fairly cheap price then why not. So without further adieu, here are some of the pumps/shoes/heels that I love from the selection. I am just posting a few so if you want to see more of them please check them out from this link:

Sale for $59.99
Was $140.00
I am in love with this! If you know my favourite stuff, you'll know that anything that has camo colours is my new baby =)

Sale for $49.99
Was $120.00
This is a classic black pump from 9west with decent heel height. What I like about this one is you can actually use this for work and since it has that nice gloss to it, it can work as something that would go with that nice formal dress. We all know that anything goes with black.

Sale for $49.99
Was $115.00
This is the first pair that actually draw my attention to this sale. I love the colour of this baby. Nude-ish coloured shoes makes our feet look good in my opinion. I actually want to get this one for myself (ughhs! time to hide those plastics)

Sale for $59.99
Was $110.00
Suede pumps! Just something for formal occasions and maybe office shoes too during those dry seasons. I don't recommend suede shoes for wet seasons because it would just stain the shoes except if you have that spray that *supposed* to protect it but other than that, this pair would surely be your go-to pumps for laid-back days where you want comfort (because of it having low heels) and style. 

The online store also offers free shipping for orders worth $75 or more and this sale is only exclusive for the Canadian website. I am not sure when will this sale end but since it is on the sale link, maybe it would be until their supplies last. 

I am in no way affiliated with Nine west. I am just doing this for my readers' satisfaction and for the author's satisfaction as well *hahaha* 

Anyway, I will try to post more in the next few days just like before. I miss sharing sale stuff and coupons too =( 

Thanks for visiting my site people. Much love from me. 

=) drei

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