Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sale Scoop of the Day v.3: The Body Shop, Kobo, Gap and more for this Weekend!

Here's the third version of my SSOTD (sale scoop of the day) featuring some weekend deals. Its kinda strange to say its for the day though I always post these things at night. Oh and yep, update about my mousepad?? It's still there hanging in some store waiting for me to purchase it! Why the hell won't my nearby Winners store carry a frigging mousepad?!?! WHY!!! so right now, I am still using my trackpad. =(

Here it is! enjoy shopping this weekend and hope this would be helpful to you in some ways (or more ways, you would actually detest reading this! haha!)

  • The Body Shop: If you are planning to stock up or replenish your favourite body butter or that oh-so-fragrant body shower and whatnot from The Body Shop, you might want to do it online and save 15% off from your total purchase. Use this code FAVORITE *don't be all canadian-y and say oh it should have that 'u' blah blahhh* at check out and save. Offer is good until April 7 so better do your body essentials shopping soon! -- update! actually, this discount is on top of the 30% off discount that is already reflecting on the item! yay! so basically you get 30% off plus an additional 15%. Nice one!! 
  • Target: Yes!!! Target is officially here in Canada! They launched their very first Canadian flyer and if you are a coupon junkie, you can now find their printable coupons from their website. I was just about to go to their US site to check out their printable coupons coz me and my mom are planning to go there again soon so I want to know what would be a good coupon to print to save money for that shopping trip. Good thing I checked redflagdeals' flyer section and saw their post regarding this! Here's an FYI that I got from someone who works there.. Target can combine the manufacturer's coupon plus their own coupon for your purchase and they also do price match so that is kind of a very good way of saving money for something on your shopping list right! I was actually just asking if they accept coupons but I got more than what I asked. Amazing! Again welcome to Canada, Target! and may you bring more bang to our loonie =p 
  • Kobo Books: Fellow bookworms, here is another deal from Kobo books! Get 90% off select bestsellers from THIS SELECTION! Use the code SAVE90BK and enter that promo code at the checkout. You would literally pay cents for most of the books in that selection of bestsellers. I thought the price from the link was the discounted price already but I tried if the code would still be needed to be entered and there it was.. I looked at it twice and I only had to pay 69cents for the ebook that I'm trying to purchase! This is a great deal for sure so go and buy ebooks! It saves space and trees! =) This offer is up until April 18, 2013 only.
  • Coastal Scents: For those of you who are looking for a good liquid eyeliner, not expensive but super pigmented, then you better try Coastal Scent's liquid eyeliners for only $1.95 each. These babies normally sells for $2.95 but seriously, you wouldn't mind paying 3 bucks for this item for they are super worth it. This is also great for whoever you are, who's trying to master the art of eyelining (huh?!?!) and doing that fierce cat-eye look. I can honestly say that liquid eyeliners are not one of the easiest thing to work with. You need some practice and a little bit of relaxing to achieve a perfectly looking lined eyes but when you're there, you will seriously love using it. I won't even go to work without my liquid liner on. It is one of my routinely used product as well as my cream blush and eyebrow pencil. Back to the topic, this item comes in a variety of colours and would be great especially for spring and summer, to have that pop of colour to your face. This is just for a limited time so buy now if you want this for a cheaper price.
Eyeliner Set for $8.95 only
Photo courtesy of Coastal Scents
  • GAP Canada: Another one from Gap! My mom would love this for sure for she's a fan of Gap stuff. Get 30% off your purchase in-store and online. Discounts will be taken at the registers for in-store purchase and use code GAPHAPPYCA at checkout page. Another thing is, I have an exclusive email from them where you can get 40% off a regular priced item. Since I am not planning to do some Gap shopping this weekend, I can forward that email to you if you want, just ask me (comments, fb inbox, twitter, instagram, you name it.. it is in my CONTACT ME page) I'll be so willing to give that. =) Both deals would end on April 7 (Sunday) so tell me asap ok. Coupon codes will also be available at the COUPONS section.
  • GUESS: This one is not a sale but an event for the Guess Festival Collection launch today at these Guess shops. The event is going to happen between 3-6pm and if you purchase $125 with your GUESTLIST card, you could get a pair of VIP Headphones plus a mystery scratcher that could give you more discounts and freebies *if you're lucky.. hopefully you are*. Stop by your nearby Guess store now and check their new collection. I bet it would be nice as Guess is always a store that has the latest styles in fashion although a bit pricey but you're sure it has great workmanship behind it. 

All coupon codes would be updated on the COUPONS section of this blog.

.. that's it for now. My eyes are begging for rest as of the moment. I am feeling bad that my friends are there in our basement having fun while I am trying stuck here trying to get sleep for tomorrow's work. Good thing I am blogging right now or I'll just be feeling bitter all night.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I can't wait for Sunday because it is my DAY OFF! yayyy

=) drei


  1. That's so cool that your blog lets people know where all the sales are! I live in Aus, so they won't apply to me, but that's a great idea for your blog :)

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    1. Thanks dear! I just share the love since I always get these notifications from my email and sometimes I feel bad that none of my friends know that those sale were going on. Some of the sale that I post here does international shipping so why not check it too if it would be available there in Aus =) Thanks for stopping by..