Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coastal Scents: Twinkling Glitter Sale!

Quick POST!!! i need to sleep but this thing made me so excited and I think I need to share this to makeup enthusiasts like mee!

I told you how I love coastal scents right?! if not check out my first coastalscents post (way to advertise eh??!? lol) so now, i just received this email from them and they are having all their glitter pigments on sale for $2.95 each! These precioussess sells normally for $4.95 so you basically save 2 bucks each.. another great one CS! oh and i think i forgot to mention to you that coastal scents only charge $6 for shipping?!!? to think it is an american company.. ELF would charge you a whopping $14 for it even BTR ships their stuff for $11 and I am kind of getting pissed with them coz my last order was way way overdue now. Enough with the BTR woes and rants, you HAVE to see this sparklies or I may need to say that you need to HAVE these.. lol!

no coupon codes, just place the item/s to your bag and check out.
click this link or the image to go directly to the sale page:

i love the black, purple, and turquoise colour! 6 more days til payday.. booo...

goodnight guys! I'll post again later this day.. hopefully *crosses fingers and toes*

=) drei

Home Depot: $3 off Hydrangea

Yay! Spring is now on at Home Depot! they are giving this print-out coupon that can be used in-store for your Hydrangea purchases (up to 10 plants per customer per purchase) I am inlurvvv with hydrangea! should I use this for my wedding.. hmmmm

Coupon Link:

Its for a limited time only, up until March 27, 2013. I think they would be putting up those easter hydrangea (please enlighten me if there's no such thing lolzzz)

if you don't have an idea how pretty these flowers are, here's an image:

sighsss its really pretty! 

=) drei

P&G Brandsaver Coupons

here's just a reminder of you guys who haven't grabbed these good coupons from proctor and gamble.

these coupons are my favourite coz i can always use them for products that i use in my household like Tide, Gain, Downy, Pantene, even makeup products like covergirl!

so if you haven't gone to their website and claim their coupons, then this is the time my friend! =)


This link is for Canadian consumers only. I am not sure when US have these coupons available to them (sorry)

Coupons that I got:

Bounty ($0.50 - bleh)
Cascade Rinsing Aid ($1.00 - will definitely try this, we always use the finish one)
Covergirl ($2.00 - thinking of getting the new covergirl clump crusher mascara, i think it retails for $6.97 at walmart as of the moment but not 100% sure)
2 Gain/Febreeze/Swiffer products - ($2.50 - i am in love with gain detergent! so this is a must!)
Head and Shoulder ($1 - the only shampoo i use during winter times but not for other seasons)
Olay ($2.00 not a fan of olay body products but I want to get something to send back home)
Pampers ($2.00 just because we use the wipes for u know where.. lol)
Venus Cartridge, Free Satin Care shaving gel (worth $4+ - I use  venus shavers so it would be neat to get the gel for free)

there are others but those are going to be given to my mom or sister-in-law.

so there you go.. buy it at walmart because they have these items on rollback as of the moment =p

=) drei

Friday, March 22, 2013

Aldo: Free Shipping with Code

Just a quick post for this one..

Aldo Shoes is offering a free shipping for online orders for a limited time (not sure til when but i'll keep you guys posted once I have the info) =)

coupon code: FSSALE13

this is your chance to grab that 50% extra off from their Last Pairs clearance section or the 30% extra off for the other stuff on their clearance section! yay! grab it til the free shipping is up!

- unfortunately this is just valid til the 22nd of March =(

=) drei

Nine West: 25% off Select Handbags

ahh.. one of my favourite shoe store! Nine West is having a sale for some of their handbags!

Some of the bags that I am lovin! tsk tsk.. I don't know why women loves bags! Its one of my weakness and even my mom is going gaga over bags! *lol*

Link to the SALE PAGE:

Eves Apple: 10% Off Coupon

Found another coupon from this online boutique EVE'S APPLE which carries clothing and accessories from a lot of known designers, from Monique Lhullier, Steve Madden, and many more..

The coupon code is 10new and you could click the image to be sent to the page as well =)

Try them and you won't be disappointed with the items that they carry. I love the hunter boots! thinking of getting one or I might wait til fall.. hehe

happy shopping! 

=) drei

JYSK: 15% Coupon

Welcome back to me! I wasn't able to post anything here yesterday coz i actually slept after I came back from work! Tired in unimaginable ways.. Well, hopefully I am still getting you hooked on this blogged. I will try to post religiously as I can.. not promising but will be trying my hardest =p

Anyway, I just received an email from and I didn't even know that I am subscribed to their mailing list, but hey, its ok.. if not for that then I don't have this deal for me to share to you guys =)

Store: JYSK
- this store is like a small version of ikea, I am not that familiar with this store although we have a nearby store. I just don't have that much time to explore but since they are just around the area, we receive their ad paper every week or everytime they do have one.. but I have bought something from here before, I think it was a candle holder, can't really remember though.

here's a link to their online flyer and within that flyer, you can see a 15% off coupon for any single item they have in-store or online (also comes with a coupon code) - shortened with google url shortener

this offer is only good up until March 27 so if you have a local JYSK store then grab this coupon now!

=) drei

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chapters Indigo: A Bunch of Deals!

I received a newsletter from chapters indigo and I was overwhelmed with all the things that they have! I decided to just summarize it here..

  • Free Shipping on anything you buy from their store! No minimum purchase to avail this freebie! Nice one there! Here are the details: 
free shipping! til the end of this day only
*photo owned by Chapters Indigo

  • Selected LEGO sets are 20% off in-store and online! 
photo owned by Chapters Indigo

  • Free KOBO sleepcover which retails $50 when you buy a KOBO Arc =)
  • Buyer's Pick is the Iliad and Odyssey book and it is now on sale for $75 compared to it's original price which is $350 *wow*
  • Save 50% off the Binoculars and Telescopes if you buy it online
.. and I think that's it for the worth-it ones. 

one thing that I've been trying to get is their membership card but eversince the Chapters store from this mall nearby closed-down, i can't make myself go to the nearest store from my place which is like a few miles away from me.. I will get this someday, when i stop procrastinating or being lazy hehe

this might be my last post for today for I have early work tomorrow. See you again and how I wish I can still post more for I planned to make 5-6 posts today.. =( goal not met I guess.

By the way, I am going to feature some individual items soon! I can't wait to do this! Time to get a notebook and a pen and start listing! lol!

Thanks for stopping by and see you on my next post! drop me a line *begging not begging*

=) drei

Have You Read "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown

If not, then this is your lucky day! A lot of ebook retailers are offering this ebook for free! this ebook retails at $9.99 normally so I can say that this is one sweet deal for any bookie even if you've read it before or not unless you really hated the story *who does, puhlease!*

Reason why this book is being offered for free today up until March 24th? It is actually to celebrate its 10th year anniversary! I can't believe its been 10 years since I first read this book.. that being said, I actually read this book twice! Once from the actual paperback from way way back 2003 and ebook through the Stanza app from my iphone 3GS *i miss this phone btw* This book started my love for Dan Brown and his works! I've read almost all his books (Deception Point, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol) and I am trying to finish Digital Fortress as for the time being. How I wish I can have the time to do it though =(

Here are some of the sites which offer this ebook for free download:

Barnes and Noble (NOOK)
Amazon (KINDLE)
APPLE (IBooks)
BooksAMillion (US only)

Some sites asks for method of payment eventhough its free *ehem google..ehem* yow! wth its free!

Grab your copy of it now and celebrate its 10 years of controversy haha! kidding! one of the greats!!

and omg! i almost fainted when I saw this post that Dan Brown released a new book Inferno (linked to the excerpt of the book) ! whatttt! why didn't I know this! tsk tsk.. A must buy for sure! Download the free ebook from the sites up there and get the prologue to the new book too! SWEET!!

happy reading!

=) drei

The Body Shop: 25% Off Entire Store

Hello!! at last! i was able to login my laptop and update my blog. While typing right now, I am helping a friend start-up her iphone. Its hard to talk and type and to try to visualize whatever she's been doing at the other side of the line especially if i can't even remember the how-tos of the process that i'm trying to teach her. Anywhoo so back to the exciting part of this post, I just saw this great sale from The Body Shop! Who's not a fan of that store anyways? When I visited the store, I am lost in a way because there's no big sign or banner saying that their site is having this kind of good sale then boom! at the right side it says 25% off entire site!

their site is saying that this will only run up until March 21st but the site where I saw this notification is saying that this deal will run until April 28th.. we'll see after tomorrow then lol!

My favourite items from TBS includes the following:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Deals from Shopwise App

I am at work right now so i'll just make a quick update about the sale stuff that I saw today:

- up to 40% off at Abercrombie and Fitch: men and women apparels. Get 30% off extra towards their clearance rack and if you're shopping online, get your package shipped for only $5! That's a great deal coz i remember when me and my bestfriend purchased some stuff from their site, we had to pay almost $20 for shipping.. Not 100% sure but close to that price.. I might check out their site later after work.. Tsk tsk.. Bad idea.. This is a bad idea! Lol

- toys r us is having sale too! The image will tell u the summary of it.. Its so hard to post from the mobile app of blogger. How i wish they could make it a bit easier to post pictures..

I'll just make another update again later after work. I need to go back to work.

Have a blesses day to everyone!

:) drei

Children's Place: Buy More Save More

calling all shopaholic moms out there! children's place is having this buy more save more event happening online and in-store. This is only available to Canadian retail and online stores.

Details (i'll recap it so it will be easier for you to understand):

  • basically everything is 15% off
  • buy $40 worth of items then your discount would be raised to 25%
  • buy $60 worth or more then you get 30% on your entire purchase
  • apart from this, they are having these $5 deals at their clearance section
  • and you earn airmiles with every $20 spent! yay! i didn't know CP accepts airmiles. =p
this sale will last only up until March 24, 2013 and you need to either print or put the discount code at the checkout: - shortened using google's url shortener

so enjoy this sale event now.. stock up some spring items though its a total bummer that winter is still trying to stay here in Canada and it feels like its still not planning to go anywhere far far away *lol*

happy shopping, shopaholic moms! or aunts! or godmother.. whatever you are.. lol!

=) drei

You Can't Fake Fashion!!

Photo owned by
and CFDA auctioncause at ebay

So as usual, I am doing some internet surfing kinda thing and searching for good deals for some fashion stuff and I came across this feed from google from Fashion Magazine website which features this sale of designer bags for a cause. The cause involves 90 top designers teaming up with ebay in competing against fake or counterfeit bags. According to this post by Monique Loveless of, ebay, together with 90 top designers including Ralph Lauren, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Prabal Gurung and many other American designers made few listing of pretty tote bags bearing the words "You Can't Fake Fashion" on them. All proceeds will be going to CFDA or Council of Fashion Designers of America which is a non-profit organization and its an organization which protects and promotes the fashion art industry. This caught my attention and in my own ways, I want to show support for this cause by promoting it here in my blog.

So going back to the topic, the bids for these pretty bags will start at $100 and this auction will be up until the 25th of March at 12 noon. If you still want to support the CFDA cause but you are tight with budget, AUCTIONCAUSE still got lots of pretty nice totes for a $50 or so..

Click the link below to be redirected to the You Can't Fake Fashion listing by auctioncause =)

=) drei

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beyond The Rack: Mulberry Bags on Sale!

photo credits to Beyond the Rack

Bag enthusiasts!! Mulberry bags are on sale at Beyond the Rack and its going on for 4 days only! Mulberry is a UK brand and their prices range from $1100 - $3000. For this event, their women bags are up for grabs for 10-45% off their original price! This designer brand is famous for their high quality premium leather bags for men and women with elegant designs that can make you go wow and say I WANT IT!

check out this link! - link shortened through google's url shortener service

if you're not a member of this Canadian-based shopping events site, what are you waiting for though?? if you're canadian, you save yourself some duty fees!! one of the reasons why i prefer this site from others.. love thy own =p

click this link -
... and enjoy getting good deals from legit designers! I am a BTR lover eversince, and i should remind myself to update myself regarding the transit status of my incoming parcel from them. =)

Don't forget, this is going to end in four (4) days! so grab it now!

happy shopping shopper!

=) drei

Dove Hair Care: $3 Coupon!

I am supposed to go far away from my laptop so I could stop posting something here in my blog but this is a neat deal y'all! Dove is giving this $3.00 coupon off their new Dove Colour Care products. I think this is the new product added to their line of hair care and although I am not a fan of Dove soap, I am but a fan of their hair care systems. I am curious though because their dry shampoo is currently out of stock everywhere!! Is it that good? coz i can't imagine using dry shampoo but i am not hesitant to try it.. just for the sake of trying it.. right! lol

photo is property of DOVE

So anyways, so go to this link:

Like their facebook page to activate the page and at the bottom part of the page you'll see the Get the Coupon thingy.. you need to have java installed so you could print out the coupon though. If you don't know how-to, just google it and for sure mr. google will be there to give you the answer/s that you will need coz me.. all i can say is.. GOODLUCK! lolzz

i just printed mine! yahoo... time to scour the whole health and beauty section of walmart. =)

-- again, not paid to show you this blogpost.. =p just sharing the knowledge..

=) drei

American Eagle: BOGO Sale!

photo owned by

American Eagle having a BOGO sale as of the moment! get Buy one item regular priced and get a next one at 50% off! AE can never get you wrong for sure. I've been an avid fan for years now, one of the first to sign up to their AEREWARDS card when they launch it way way back and i am loving it especially when your discount voucher would come to your mail. =)

This sale does not include items from their clearance racks though =( bummer in a way.

Available online and in-store.

some pieces that I think are worth it are here after the jump:

Coastal Scents Blush Palettes On SALE!

Coastal scents is one of my go-to websites if i am craving for new makeup to add in my collection especially if i am tight in budget. First, what the prime purpose of me going there is to find good brushes! if i only knew about CS beforehand, i won't even spend a loonie for those other cheap brushes that i've got before from this other website. Then I started trying out other stuff from them especially their eyshadow palette and i fell in love! I have one of their 88-piece eyeshadow palette and their 26-piece blush palette and bought it in regular price and I still think it was the best bucks that i've spent for those makeup because of the quality of the product and how pigmented these lovies are. So if you are interested in buying from them, now is the right time because their blushes are on sale!

here's the direct link to their blushes:

This sale event will expire on March 22, 2013 at 11:00 am EST so you still have 4 days!

-- can't post pics because I am not sure if i am allowed to borrow their pics for showcasing purposes although i am not selling it now being paid to post it here in my blog. its better to be cautious too =p

=) drei

Attention VIBs!!

New to Beauty Insider's world (sephora):

Josie Marian Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil free for beauty insiders! (VIB)
this retails for $34 for its full size and since you (or we) are such a very important beauty insiders, Sephora is giving this away for free but its kind of a bummer that it is only available for online shopping. So if you are planning to shop at Sephora to replenish your skin care or buy that new naked palette that I still haven't owned yet (huhu) use this code at checkout infinity and you'll get a sample side of this Argan cream and just so you know, Argan creams are getting a lot of hype right now may it be for skin care or hair care as well.

Check out the link below for an overview of Argan Cream's properties and benefits:

and here are the list of the recent samples that you can get from your Beauty Insider points:

Aldo Shoes: 50% Off Clearance Sandals!

I am a fan of aldo shoes. I would always go to their website or in-store to check new stuff from their humongous collection of good shoes and what I love about aldo shoes is the quality. You could actually compare the quality of their shoes to Steve Madden shoes which is way pricey compared to aldo. I can't vouch for the originality of their designs though, but to be honest, all those retail shops just copies those top designers' shoes anyways. I am not saying ALL but most of it. Whatever is selling at this season, for sure each and every shoe boutique will have it. For a person who live payday to payday like myself who can't afford those top of the line shoes (sorry but I don't think more $$$ means more quality) but wants to be updated with the latest fashion, brand is not at the top of our mindset. So frugal shoppers! check this good sale from Aldo Shoes! You can get an additional 50%off extra on all of their clearance sandals (flat, wedged, high-heeled)! I am checking out the site and I already have two shoes in mind. One is for summer getaway and one for my upcoming wedding this December.

photo credited to

photo credited to

these two are my faves and i have it in my size! yay!!

Another thing, in case you are not into these type of sandals, aldo's clearance sale for their other type of shoes will have an additional 30% off from their already reduced price!! nice sale aldo! Don't miss this great deal and visit this link (not sponsored at all.. just for the sake of sharing the knowledge ;p )

and for the 30% off sale, here's the direct link:

happy shoe shopping!

=) drei

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kobo: 25% Off Bestsellers

Calling all bookworms out there! I received this email from kobo today and they are having this 25% off sale from some bestseller ebooks:

on checkout, enter the promo code: more25dis 

expiry date of the offer is at the end of the day of March 30, 2013 so better do it soon! I can't believe March is gonna end soon..

you could checkout the image below for details *click image to be linked as well*

photo credits to

I own a kobo touch and I am interested in buying the Mitch Albom book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  The first Mitch Albom book that I've read was the Tuesdays with Morrie and I might say that it was one of the most inspiring and touching stories that I've read in my life. It is a must read for anyone especially to those who struggles with their life priorities and life path. I actually shed a tear at the end and I learned a lot from Morrie =) I can see Catching Fire from the list as well, and I should remind myself to finish the Hungry Games saga soon. I haven't started reading the second book yet so.. *shortlisted in my kobo as of the moment* 

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with kobo not getting paid to promote this sale in all honesty. I would tell you if I am though.. =p 

My Shopping Addiction

My very first post here in this blog! Welcome to me.. I am here to post some of the upcoming sale events that I would stumble here in cyberspace or anything that I'll be informed about either through email, social media, texts, word of the mouth, TV ads etc.. you name it and I'd be glad to feature them here. 

First of, I want to introduce to you why I decided to make this kind of a blog. I am a certified shopaholic! It was like drugs to me in some ways although I can totally say that I am not in that stage where in I need some shopaholic intervention though I cannot guarantee you that I won't *lol*. I am not rich at all. The money I spend for my addiction is from my blood and sweat. Maybe shopping is my way of rewarding my whole two weeks of slavery.. err i mean work. I use shopping as an outlet as well I guess.. but I am not someone who would not pay my dues just because I want to buy this shoes that I am so in love with. Anyway, so I had these notifications from my email/s which tells me that this store have this sale and blah blah and I feel so bad that I am so broke to even shop in that store and people in my life needs to know these stuff so I can infect them with my shopping disease since I am in a remission state as of that particular moment. To cut the story short, I decided to do and blog those notifications so that I could share what I know.. period! lol! i know i could have just told you those last few words instead of blabbering about the whole shenanigan of my shopping dilemma but hey, this is my blog and i am entitled to say what i wanted here *umm* so that's my novel story.. I hope this blog can help you with your retail therapy in some ways and another thing, don't expect a very well constructed blog because I want this blog to be fun and spontaneous.. whatever comes to my mind kind of thing. I don't want to go and proofread my grammar each and every post coz where's the fun of that! haha! 

I am seriously making no sense now so I have to stop. Have a wonderful cyberday to you and thanks for visiting this blog. 

=) drei