Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yves Rocher: Last Chance Items are 50% off

I haven't been going to Yves Rocher for a while now but this is one of the few stores that I've first shopped on my first few months here in Canada. Their staff are very helpful and funny how I still have the stamp card that they are offering before *or maybe til now* and for what is this card for, I am certainly not sure and I can't even remember it now. For you people who's a frequent shopper of Yves Rocher products, here's a good deal for you guys. I saw this sale from a coupon website and all their last chance items are on sale for 50% or more off the regular priced. I feel like I seriously need to go and check it out coz, hey 50% off is a serious savings and it rings good music to my ears and brain for sure.. It didn't disappoint at all! The most expensive item from the list is just $13.50 and almost all of them are playing around 5 bucks and below. They are also offering free shipping on $40 or more total merchandise purchase which is good coz at least they are offering something rather than none.

Items that I think is worthy to get are the following (after the jump):

$10 was $21
Stress Relieving Massage Oil
with organic Eucalyptus
I can just imagine how suiting and nice to be massaged using this oil. Have you smelled eucalyptus before? If not then you are missing a lot. There's a reason why eucalyptus is the main ingredient for Vicks vapour rub. I can't buy this just because I might just go and sniff this all day which might result to me appearing to that TLC show "My Strange Addiction" but seriously, I would recommend this product! Check out the reviews if me, raving it here is not enough. ;p

$1 was $2
Apple Delight Fizzy Bath Cube
Wow! I am surprised that they still sell this. This brings back a lot of memories when we still live in our apartment. I just tried this one coz it smells really delicious and I actually liked it. Its tad small though but now its not bad for a buck.

$4.95 was $9.95
 Pearly Water

This is great item for summer especially for peeps out there who wants to have that golden glow for the beach. Dab some of this on your shoulders for that healthy glow under the sun or use it to highlight some high points of your face as well.

Click Here to go to the sale page and see other stuff that the store has to offer.

Enjoy! Happy Easter everyone! If you're planning to shop at gap stores (old navy, gap, banana republic) check out the Coupon section for some additional savings. There are some for other stores as well and most of them are expiring today or April 1.

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* all photos are credited to YVES ROCHER. I don't own any of the pics present in this blogpost.

=) drei

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