Monday, April 1, 2013

Hollister Co.: Additional 30% Off Clearance Online and In-store

I almost forgot *again* to post this sale from Hollister! I am certain this is not an early sign of dementia but instead, this is a sign that I am sleepy now. But yeah, Hollister is having this sale for their sale items in-store and online and no coupon/coupon code necessary =) If I am not mistaken, this additional discount is for red lined items inside their store. And  also, until April 2, They have some items that are 50% off its regular price. Sweet deal! I haven't shopped at hollister for soooo long though. I miss their nice smelling but oh-so-dark store at Fairview Mall. I will always visit it whenever I go to that mall. I usually buy their graphic tees and hoodies, I remember I was able to buy a nice eternity scarf there and that was actually my first ever Hollister purchase and I got it for a very cheap price. And they have this coupons for employees before but I have a friend who works there so I was able to get one (I think it was 20% off your entire purchase thing). Here are stuff that I would love to purchase if I have the chance:

Woodson Mountain T-Shirt
was $22.50 CAD now $13 CAD

Surfers Knoll Polo
was $39.50 now CAD $23 CAD

was $49.50 CAD now $19.90 CAD

Hollister High Rise Short-Shorts
was $49.50 now CAD $24.90 CAD

Neon Classic Flip Flops
was $19.50 now CAD $10.43 CAD
.. and a whole lot more! you should check their clearance rack online and you'll find a lot of nice stuff! I need to stop looking or I'll go broke for sure! =p

Free Shipping on purchases worth $75 and up until April 2 only.

See you next time. I seriously need to hit the sacks now unless you can lend me a toothpick for it to stay open wide.


*photos are owned by HOLLISTER CO.

=) drei

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