Friday, April 5, 2013

American Eagle: Discount Up to 40% Off

No post/s for two days is unacceptable but I am having some troubles with my mouse and my internet for the past couple of days and it is so annoying. My mouse is still not cooperating today so I am forced to use my laptop's trackpad although I am not comfortable with it at all.. I decided to do this quick update coz I got this notification from AEO that they are having this surprise discount coupon/code. Show the printable coupon or enter the code that I'll be giving you below, and that's the time you'll know how much will be your discount. I know.. I just shopped from AE.. and I am so fortunate right now to be getting some work bonus (kaching day!! yay) so I might go there but not that sure. Hence, my situation won't stop me from sharing the love right? so without further adieu, here it is...

Click here to get your printable coupon (In-store)

The coupon code for online purchase is 10070658513459602004

hope that helps you get that American eagle item that you've been wanting to get =)

So, how much did you get? Share your discount by dropping me a line at the comments box.

have a nice day guys! me is off to do some eyebrow pampering.. =p

expiration date is on April 7, 2013

=) drei

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