Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Belle and Clive: Raybans On Sale!

I missed a day without posting for I am working early in the morning and I don't want to have another reason to be late again. Sorry for that and I don't have any exciting scoop anyway so I decided to be a good girl and sleep a tad early *yeah right* So for today, I am posting something from the Bluefly company and here's the first from Belle and Clive!

B and C is having a sale event that will end on April 10, 2013. They have a bunch of raybans on sale which starts at $89 and here are the ones that I think are worth the buck:

brown tortoise print
'New Wayfarer'
$99.00 Retail: $125.00

glossy black plastic
'Cats 5000'
$99.00 Retail: $140.00

black oversize
'Jackie Ohh II'
$115.00 Retail: $159.00

I have the first one and that was my first and last rayban purchase as of the moment but I am planning to buy a pair of aviators or if I'll be lucky again to spot that last one from the list up there (Jackie Ohh II) anywhere (online or in-store) when I am not too broke as to what I am in right now *super broke* then I'll for sure get that coz it is soooo pretty! I was at winners today and I saw one that looked soo similar to that but its from Anne Klein and I am about to buy it but I saw this mint-coloured blazer so I decided to buy that instead of the sunglasses.. I am a bit regretting it now after seeing this pretty thing infront of me.. hayzz.. maybe it is not meant to be mine lol! I'll get my chance for sure but not right now.. not yet =p

If you are planning to buy this then now is the right time coz its just for a limited time and some are gone now *sold* .. I swear, I need to win me some lotto! I want that last pair of sunglasses so bad =(

good day everyone! I'll be posting some new coupons/coupon codes at the coupon section and update you with the latest sale stuff from bluefly, old navy, banana republic and coastal scents! It might be later this day or after work but now, i'll hold it up first for my bed's calling me now. 

Good night westside of the planet earth!

=) drei

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