Sunday, March 31, 2013

Garage: 30% Off Online Purchase + Free Shipping over $50

Anyone who's planning to buy something from GARAGE online store? They are giving 30% off of their regular-priced items until April 1, 2013 and since almost all the shopping malls here in Canada-wide will be closed today, you could take advantage of all these online promos coz of course, these sites operate 24/7 right? Another thing is you get free shipping for orders $50 and above which is ok in a way but, it is better than none I guess.

You don't need a coupon code for this promo. It will just show up at check-out process.

Here's an item that interest me, not a surprise that it did though =)

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This military/camo top comes with pretty studs and is priced as $44.90. You get 30% off that price which brings it down to $31.43+taxes. Its not that bad comparing it to other stores that sell the same kind of top. Garage is well known to cater modern styles for ladies and I kinda like the style of their stores. You get the feeling of summer which i've been missing so much. Thank God you could feel the presence of spring now here in Toronto so summer is just around the corner *yayy!*

Check out their New Arrivals page. It is full of spring time clothing with yummy spring/summery colours!

By the way, I feel really bad coz I wasn't able to post something yesterday here. I went to a family affair yesterday and I felt so tired after it although I am just sitting there, watching tv and being entertained by the unending bawls of my goddaughter whom I truly LOVE! but I think she hates me.. huhu.. for sure, just grow a bit more and you'll love me.. that's confidence there eh? haha

=) drei

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