Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chapters Indigo: A Bunch of Deals!

I received a newsletter from chapters indigo and I was overwhelmed with all the things that they have! I decided to just summarize it here..

  • Free Shipping on anything you buy from their store! No minimum purchase to avail this freebie! Nice one there! Here are the details: 
free shipping! til the end of this day only
*photo owned by Chapters Indigo

  • Selected LEGO sets are 20% off in-store and online! 
photo owned by Chapters Indigo

  • Free KOBO sleepcover which retails $50 when you buy a KOBO Arc =)
  • Buyer's Pick is the Iliad and Odyssey book and it is now on sale for $75 compared to it's original price which is $350 *wow*
  • Save 50% off the Binoculars and Telescopes if you buy it online
.. and I think that's it for the worth-it ones. 

one thing that I've been trying to get is their membership card but eversince the Chapters store from this mall nearby closed-down, i can't make myself go to the nearest store from my place which is like a few miles away from me.. I will get this someday, when i stop procrastinating or being lazy hehe

this might be my last post for today for I have early work tomorrow. See you again and how I wish I can still post more for I planned to make 5-6 posts today.. =( goal not met I guess.

By the way, I am going to feature some individual items soon! I can't wait to do this! Time to get a notebook and a pen and start listing! lol!

Thanks for stopping by and see you on my next post! drop me a line *begging not begging*

=) drei

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