Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bath and Body Works: Store Specials Rundown

I received this email from Bath and Body Works (bbw) today which informs me about the list and rundown of their store specials for Canadian stores (oh Canada eh) so here I am sharing again the knowledge and enticing you to go and shop there either for your needs *boo* or wants *yey* lolzzzz

First, I have a link for a coupon from that email. $10 off if you purchase $30 worth of products. So if you have 20 bucks with you *plus effing taxes* then you're good to go!

Click here for the link to the coupon - valid on til today! (March 24, 2013)

or if you are shopping online, bbw have this promo of 20% off from their wide range of body care, candles, wallflower, soaps and gift sets products which will automatically show up at checkout if your product qualifies for it.

here's a link on the promo details - valid til April 8, 2013

Other special promos that I am interested on or would be recommending:

  • ALL ANTI-BACTERIAL HAND SOAPS + 7.5 OZ HAND SANITIZERS 5 FOR $20 - i consider this as a necessity. lol!
  • FOREVER RED BUY 3, GET 3 FREE - added this coz i think its a good deal if you really want this product
  • 3-WICK CANDLES 2 FOR $30 - each retails for $22 and you can't go wrong with their candles! it is a must buy!
  • MINI CANDLES 3 FOR $10 - if you want to test out the candles first, this is actually a good deal for it.
  • POCKETBAC HAND GELS 5 FOR $5 - umm I am buying this and stock up for sure. 

and for other store specials, please visit this link: Canada Store Specials

That's it for BBW! Remember this is for the Canadian site/stores only. I am not informed regarding their other sites.

Thanks for stopping by guys! much love to you <3

update: I added some BBW coupon codes at the COUPON section =) check it out coz those we're good ones and I tested them myself.

=) drei

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