Sunday, March 24, 2013

Costa Blanca: 40% off Fashion Tops

Today I was able to go to Scarborough Town Centre (STC) after a month! I think that's the longest amount of time of being away from that mall for me coz before I work in that mall so basically I consider that as my second or maybe 3rd home. Even if i become blind (God forbid please) I could still survive that mall and won't get lost on my way but after transferring to my current work, I don't go there as frequent as before which is good and bad in a way.. Good coz now I am able to save up coz I am away from all those temptations but bad because, I AM AWAY FROM THOSE TEMPTATIONS! huhu... lol! There goes my sad life..

Moving on to the topic, as I was checking out the sales and everything, I spotted a good one which is the Costa Blanca store wherein they're having this store-wide sale of 40% off for all their fashion tops. I remember I got my first clubbing dress from this store and although I paid for full price, I didn't regret it coz the fabric is amazing and I still have that green dress with me =) I can't let it go for some reasons.. hehe..

I am not sure if this sale is good for all Costa Blanca locations but it would be worth the try to go to your nearby shop and check out if they would have that cute lovely dress that you can use for special occasion. Also, it is spring and if you're thinking of having fresh fashion pieces then why not go and shop here right! =) Hopefully, this sale is a one week thing coz I am planning to go back there tomorrow. Reason? you need to check my next post =p

good day everyone!

=) drei

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