Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BHCosmetics: Two Palettes for $15

I am always excited whenever I am posting about makeup. For those people who know me personally, for sure they know how addicted i am with makeups and I think a woman can never have enough makeup period! So here I am posting about something I am soo passionate about.. BHCosmetics, one of the leading online stores that sell cheap but of quality makeup palettes and brushes, a very similar company from Coastal Scents, is having this deal wherein you can get these two specific palettes for just $15

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Both for on $15! save 60%
BH San Francisco Palette
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28 Colour Neutral Palette
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What I like most about this combo is for 15 bucks, you can enjoy having a neutral palette and one with variety of colours. Seriously, you can't go wrong with a nude palette. If you don't know the hype of all the famous nude palettes in the market, then now you'll know =p Examples of it are the Naked Palettes (1, 2, and the new Basic Naked) from Urban Decay, another one is Bobbi Brown's shimmering nude palette which is my very first makeup palette that I got, and the of course.. the always out-of-stock at Sephora (annoys me too much) the Lorac Pro! man! i want that in my life.. *see my craziness* Nude/neutral palettes are easy to work with especially for work where you tend to go more natural and tamed down with makeup. Then you get the other palette which comes with four shades of blushes which you could use for contouring, highlighting and giving you a flush of colour plus the pretty eyeshadow colours! One more thing, these makeups are matte!!! yay! I love matte makeup except for highlighting of course.. In other words, this is a great deal to add up to your collection or if you're just starting to explore the wonderful world of makeup then here's a good started kit for you. Makeup is fun! The things you can do with it is endless and for me, its not just about vanity but its all about making yourself more presentable to the world and boosting your confidence. As I said, I have this passion about this thing.. hehe.. I should stop talking about this for that is not the purpose of my blog.. maybe you can go to my personal blog and i'll tell you more about this *yep, that's me advertising my blog*

Aside from this deal, BH Cosmetics is also having a March Madness Makeup Sale where they got $10 palettes and I am looking at this BH Party Girl palette which has 40 shades of eyeshadows on it! I will seriously go broke soon by doing all these sharing of sale stuff.. =p

The $15 deal is going to expire in two days or when their supplies last so if you want to get it, don't wait for a long time!

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*photos are not mine, they are owned by BH Cosmetics

=) drei

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