Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue Fly: A Designer's Depot! is a new addition to my go-to websites to check out deals for designer brands. I was surprised by this site because aside from the legit branded products that they sell, everyday they would have this super sale stuff that you might not resist the temptation of buying it coz you won't get that deal again ever! I am not exaggerating! Here's an example:

I am not sure if you'll still be able to get this deal though coz they only have one piece left for this spring jacket from Kenneth Cole:

this retails for $175 and now it is priced for $58.79 and today, you'll get an additional 30% off! I have to take another look for this one to make sure I am reading it right! 

Check out this website now and look for more good deals!

they sell fashion pieces, accessories, jewellery, shoes, fragrances for all ages even for kids from all these top brand designers! I would recommend you to go to their SALE section coz that's where you could get more for your buck. 

Check out my side bar for new deals regarding this site. I would post their newest promos and stuff that may come up. Right now, they have this promo where pay $7.95 shipping fee for your first purchase and you'll get to enjoy free shipping deal for all your succeeding purchases up until the end of April. International orders, pertaining to outside US not sure if Canada is considered *hopefully* get to enjoy an additional 25% off extra for their orders, you just have to activate it. 

Good day guys! Check out for more posts soon. 

=) drei

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