Sunday, March 24, 2013

Urban Behaviour: All Items $10 or less!

Sooo here's the reason why I am planning to go back to STC within this week before the holy week. Urban Behaviour is having this massive sale for the week (I am sure its for a week coz I asked the associate but it might be longer or until their supplies last or something.. ) Funny how I didn't even notice that the store is having this sale while walking around coz I went there from work and my mind and body were both so tired already at that time but of course my mom can't miss this! She just grabbed something and showed me this mint coloured jean jacket (however you call it, i don't know) which made me look at the store and my blood started pumping up! haha! I started hunting for goodies but omg there's a huge line of people at the checkouts! But hey, that's nothing new to shopaholics or sale hunters like moi! =p They have a lot of good looking tops there prices ranging from $3 and nothing over $10 which is good! My mom got this cute blazer as well for $5 and it was tagged for $25 which was an amazing deal! I got two cute tops, one is like a mint-coloured sweater with a bit of lace and studs (i am in love!) and the other one is a light brown  sheer polka-dot blouse both $10 each and normally sells for $15. I want to go back though to check out their $3 tees for men. I seriously want to get a bunch for my fiance and for myself coz I love humor shirts! and its three bucks! How can you go wrong with that anyway =p

here's an image of the tops that I got =) heads up though,, expect a huge mess and long line-up and a major need for patience if you're planning to go there.. yup! been there. haha! see you guys.

=) drei

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