Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Belle and Clive: Sunglasses Sale!

Ok, I was just checking my email from bluefly.com and I saw this message below their newsletter about this sale event from BelleandClive.com for Fendi glasses and man! I was glad that I clicked it for its something worth to be shared to you guys! Fendi sunglasses' prices range from $300 up and for this sale event, they're selling it for only $89 each. This is my favourite out of all the items for sale:

havana brown translucent
and zucchino print
acrylic oversized sunglasses

If you are interested in buying this, you have to do it fast coz well, the items are also selling fast =p it is for sure a good deal and its nice to have pretty sunglasses for summer. Protection and style in one piece right?

Here's the direct link to the sale page: Click Here

... ok, i just go and surfed the site and wow! another good deals fo sunglasses and this time it is for Valentino brand! I seriously had to change the title of this post from fendi sale to a more generalized one. For the Valentino shades, they all sell for $99 and they are normally selling for $350 each! Here's the best looking one for me:

dark havana tortoise print square
 dipped center acrylic sunglasses
There is lot of good looking sunglasses from the selection. Click this to be directed to the sale page.

Belleandclive.com is a bluefly company member which is based in New York. They sell designer branded products for a limited time event and they sell it for member-only prices. I was introduced to this website for a while now. I always encounter great brands from this site and if BTR would continue to suck at shipping, this site will replace it in my heart although I have to pay for more shipping due to duty fees but I'd rather do that than get worked up with things. - credits to BandC's about page

Grab these pretty sunglasses now or you have to wait for this kind of deal again for who knows when it will come again.. The sale will end on the 28th of March.

Shop, comment, and share the love hunnies!

=) drei

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