Monday, March 25, 2013

Beyond the Rack: Something for Marvel Comics Lovers

I will be honest.. I am not a comic book junkie but I pretty much know these superheroes! Major fan of X-men! I watched each and every episode of their animated series and having a brother who loves comics (DC and Marvel) he pretty much fed me with all the general information that I need to know about these phenomenon. Anyways, I am about to go away and play candy crush through my phone when I saw this newsletter from BTR regarding a sale for Marvel Arts. It triggered my curiosity to know what is a marvel art, not actually thinking of the comics genre. When I opened it, the first think I saw was Captain America! I was so surprised to know that it was actually about the marvel comics. So I opened it and saw these marvel fine arts which sells 80% off the original price. Some of them were even worth more than one grand! I thought this sale event was good and why not share it to the male populace who reads my blog right? I am pretty sure there are also women there who loves marvel so if you are one of them (M/F) this sale event is something you might want to check out =)

  • These are limited edition fine arts of the characters of the Marvel Comics
  • All of the arts comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Each piece comes with a customized frame using acid-free and archival materials; ready to be hanged anywhere you please
  • Another cool thing about these arts is, each of them is hand-signed by the marvel god, Stan Lee!! 

maybe it would be better if you just check the listing =)

CLICK HERE to be directed to the sale even from Beyond The Rack but if you are not a member yet, its time to SIGN UP NOW to enjoy all these sale events from this Canadian online shop (support thy own!)

This event is going to expire on March 27, 2013.

Goodnight you guys! remember to READ COMMENT and SHARE .. the love

=) drei

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