Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coastal Scents: Twinkling Glitter Sale!

Quick POST!!! i need to sleep but this thing made me so excited and I think I need to share this to makeup enthusiasts like mee!

I told you how I love coastal scents right?! if not check out my first coastalscents post (way to advertise eh??!? lol) so now, i just received this email from them and they are having all their glitter pigments on sale for $2.95 each! These precioussess sells normally for $4.95 so you basically save 2 bucks each.. another great one CS! oh and i think i forgot to mention to you that coastal scents only charge $6 for shipping?!!? to think it is an american company.. ELF would charge you a whopping $14 for it even BTR ships their stuff for $11 and I am kind of getting pissed with them coz my last order was way way overdue now. Enough with the BTR woes and rants, you HAVE to see this sparklies or I may need to say that you need to HAVE these.. lol!

no coupon codes, just place the item/s to your bag and check out.
click this link or the image to go directly to the sale page:

i love the black, purple, and turquoise colour! 6 more days til payday.. booo...

goodnight guys! I'll post again later this day.. hopefully *crosses fingers and toes*

=) drei

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