Monday, March 18, 2013

Aldo Shoes: 50% Off Clearance Sandals!

I am a fan of aldo shoes. I would always go to their website or in-store to check new stuff from their humongous collection of good shoes and what I love about aldo shoes is the quality. You could actually compare the quality of their shoes to Steve Madden shoes which is way pricey compared to aldo. I can't vouch for the originality of their designs though, but to be honest, all those retail shops just copies those top designers' shoes anyways. I am not saying ALL but most of it. Whatever is selling at this season, for sure each and every shoe boutique will have it. For a person who live payday to payday like myself who can't afford those top of the line shoes (sorry but I don't think more $$$ means more quality) but wants to be updated with the latest fashion, brand is not at the top of our mindset. So frugal shoppers! check this good sale from Aldo Shoes! You can get an additional 50%off extra on all of their clearance sandals (flat, wedged, high-heeled)! I am checking out the site and I already have two shoes in mind. One is for summer getaway and one for my upcoming wedding this December.

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these two are my faves and i have it in my size! yay!!

Another thing, in case you are not into these type of sandals, aldo's clearance sale for their other type of shoes will have an additional 30% off from their already reduced price!! nice sale aldo! Don't miss this great deal and visit this link (not sponsored at all.. just for the sake of sharing the knowledge ;p )

and for the 30% off sale, here's the direct link:

happy shoe shopping!

=) drei

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