Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Body Shop: 25% Off Entire Store

Hello!! at last! i was able to login my laptop and update my blog. While typing right now, I am helping a friend start-up her iphone. Its hard to talk and type and to try to visualize whatever she's been doing at the other side of the line especially if i can't even remember the how-tos of the process that i'm trying to teach her. Anywhoo so back to the exciting part of this post, I just saw this great sale from The Body Shop! Who's not a fan of that store anyways? When I visited the store, I am lost in a way because there's no big sign or banner saying that their site is having this kind of good sale then boom! at the right side it says 25% off entire site!

their site is saying that this will only run up until March 21st but the site where I saw this notification is saying that this deal will run until April 28th.. we'll see after tomorrow then lol!

My favourite items from TBS includes the following:

Olive Body Butter

Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Sheets

Hemp Hand Protector
*the scent is not for everybody though*

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
*My HG Toner*
all photos are owned by The Body Shop and I am not affiliated with them on any kind. This offer is only good for online purchases only *boo*.

So if you'll be buying from this site, what would it be? Tell me down bellow and if you do, I might get all generous and all that. =p

=) drei

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