Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Shopping Addiction

My very first post here in this blog! Welcome to me.. I am here to post some of the upcoming sale events that I would stumble here in cyberspace or anything that I'll be informed about either through email, social media, texts, word of the mouth, TV ads etc.. you name it and I'd be glad to feature them here. 

First of, I want to introduce to you why I decided to make this kind of a blog. I am a certified shopaholic! It was like drugs to me in some ways although I can totally say that I am not in that stage where in I need some shopaholic intervention though I cannot guarantee you that I won't *lol*. I am not rich at all. The money I spend for my addiction is from my blood and sweat. Maybe shopping is my way of rewarding my whole two weeks of slavery.. err i mean work. I use shopping as an outlet as well I guess.. but I am not someone who would not pay my dues just because I want to buy this shoes that I am so in love with. Anyway, so I had these notifications from my email/s which tells me that this store have this sale and blah blah and I feel so bad that I am so broke to even shop in that store and people in my life needs to know these stuff so I can infect them with my shopping disease since I am in a remission state as of that particular moment. To cut the story short, I decided to do and blog those notifications so that I could share what I know.. period! lol! i know i could have just told you those last few words instead of blabbering about the whole shenanigan of my shopping dilemma but hey, this is my blog and i am entitled to say what i wanted here *umm* so that's my novel story.. I hope this blog can help you with your retail therapy in some ways and another thing, don't expect a very well constructed blog because I want this blog to be fun and spontaneous.. whatever comes to my mind kind of thing. I don't want to go and proofread my grammar each and every post coz where's the fun of that! haha! 

I am seriously making no sense now so I have to stop. Have a wonderful cyberday to you and thanks for visiting this blog. 

=) drei

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