Saturday, March 23, 2013

P&G Brandsaver Coupons

here's just a reminder of you guys who haven't grabbed these good coupons from proctor and gamble.

these coupons are my favourite coz i can always use them for products that i use in my household like Tide, Gain, Downy, Pantene, even makeup products like covergirl!

so if you haven't gone to their website and claim their coupons, then this is the time my friend! =)


This link is for Canadian consumers only. I am not sure when US have these coupons available to them (sorry)

Coupons that I got:

Bounty ($0.50 - bleh)
Cascade Rinsing Aid ($1.00 - will definitely try this, we always use the finish one)
Covergirl ($2.00 - thinking of getting the new covergirl clump crusher mascara, i think it retails for $6.97 at walmart as of the moment but not 100% sure)
2 Gain/Febreeze/Swiffer products - ($2.50 - i am in love with gain detergent! so this is a must!)
Head and Shoulder ($1 - the only shampoo i use during winter times but not for other seasons)
Olay ($2.00 not a fan of olay body products but I want to get something to send back home)
Pampers ($2.00 just because we use the wipes for u know where.. lol)
Venus Cartridge, Free Satin Care shaving gel (worth $4+ - I use  venus shavers so it would be neat to get the gel for free)

there are others but those are going to be given to my mom or sister-in-law.

so there you go.. buy it at walmart because they have these items on rollback as of the moment =p

=) drei

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