Monday, March 18, 2013

Dove Hair Care: $3 Coupon!

I am supposed to go far away from my laptop so I could stop posting something here in my blog but this is a neat deal y'all! Dove is giving this $3.00 coupon off their new Dove Colour Care products. I think this is the new product added to their line of hair care and although I am not a fan of Dove soap, I am but a fan of their hair care systems. I am curious though because their dry shampoo is currently out of stock everywhere!! Is it that good? coz i can't imagine using dry shampoo but i am not hesitant to try it.. just for the sake of trying it.. right! lol

photo is property of DOVE

So anyways, so go to this link:

Like their facebook page to activate the page and at the bottom part of the page you'll see the Get the Coupon thingy.. you need to have java installed so you could print out the coupon though. If you don't know how-to, just google it and for sure mr. google will be there to give you the answer/s that you will need coz me.. all i can say is.. GOODLUCK! lolzz

i just printed mine! yahoo... time to scour the whole health and beauty section of walmart. =)

-- again, not paid to show you this blogpost.. =p just sharing the knowledge..

=) drei

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