Friday, March 22, 2013

JYSK: 15% Coupon

Welcome back to me! I wasn't able to post anything here yesterday coz i actually slept after I came back from work! Tired in unimaginable ways.. Well, hopefully I am still getting you hooked on this blogged. I will try to post religiously as I can.. not promising but will be trying my hardest =p

Anyway, I just received an email from and I didn't even know that I am subscribed to their mailing list, but hey, its ok.. if not for that then I don't have this deal for me to share to you guys =)

Store: JYSK
- this store is like a small version of ikea, I am not that familiar with this store although we have a nearby store. I just don't have that much time to explore but since they are just around the area, we receive their ad paper every week or everytime they do have one.. but I have bought something from here before, I think it was a candle holder, can't really remember though.

here's a link to their online flyer and within that flyer, you can see a 15% off coupon for any single item they have in-store or online (also comes with a coupon code) - shortened with google url shortener

this offer is only good up until March 27 so if you have a local JYSK store then grab this coupon now!

=) drei

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